We have imported semen from this bully health tested male. We are the only Kennel/Breeder in Australia to own semen from Rammstein. We have produced quality pups sired by Rammstein.

Rammstein is a multiple Best in Show (BIS) winner where he has taken out the title BIS both as a puppy and an adult. He is a show winner in the Netherlands and abroad. He is an outstanding show dog with good conformation, muscular, and has a big bully head. Rammstein weighs 45kg, stands at 24 inches, and has a great temperament. 

Hip Dyplasia: B / OFA Fair

Elbow Dysplasia: Free


Ichthyosis: CLEAR

DNA Profiled

Rammstein's Show Results;

ABEU Shows:                                                  NKC
Best Bully male pup (Netherlands)                1st
 place bully male pup (Germany)
Best Pup of Show (Netherlands)                    

2nd place bully male (Netherlands)              

1st place bully male (Netherlands)                -----------------------------------------------------
Best of show (Netherlands)                            
ABNA Shows:
2nd place bully male pup (Hungary)              2nd
 place bully male pup (France)
1st place bully male pup (Hungary)               
Best bully male pup (France)
2nd place bully male pup (Netherlands)                


*** ABEU Jnr CHAMPION *** 

SIRE:  European MADDOCK's Golan of BOC   

DAM:  European MADDOCK's Sonia of BACKYARD




BIS - Best In Show

The dog defeats all dogs that competed in the conformation show. 

BISP - Best In Show Puppy

The puppy defeats all dogs in "puppy" class (6-12 months) that competed in the conformation show. 

BST - Breed Suitability Test

This test is an evaluation of a dog's temperament, conformation, character, and working ability.

Only qualified dogs are eligible and pre-requisites must be met. 

This test is modeled on the Breed Standard and it is designed to select dogs that are worthy of being bred

CAL1 - Certificate of Aptitude to Work
In order to be awarded the dogs must be subjected, with favourable outcome, to the following 3 exercises; Behaviour towards friendly strangers, Indifference to firearms noise, Defense of the handler.

CD1 - Companion Dog

In order to be awarded the dog must score at least 170 / 200 points, must pass all exercises in the test, and must do so under 3 separate judges at 3 separate shows. The 6 exercises in obedience are; Heel on Leash & Figure 8, Stand for Examination, Heel Free, Recall, Long Sit, Long Down.

CGC - Canine Good Citizen

In order to be awarded the dog must be subjected, with favourable outcome, to the following 10 exercises; Accepting a Friendly Stranger, Sitting Politely for Petting, Appearance & Grooming, Out For a Walk (Loose Lead), Walking Through a Crowd, Sit & Down on Command & Staying In Place, Coming When Called, Reaction to Another Dog, Reaction to Distraction, Supervised Separation.

DHT - Defense of Handler Temperament

This title allows your dog to participate in the Triathlon & Pentathlon for up-to six months, after the allowed time frame you MUST obtain a GDT in order to continue to compete. 

GDT - Guard Dog Temperament
This title allows your dog to participate in the Triathlon or Pentathlon if you do not already have a recognized sport protection title.

IDT3 - Irondog Triathlon
This title means your dog has completed an Irondog Triathlon.

IDT5 - Irondog Pentathlon
This title means your dog has completed an Irondog Pentathlon.

Irondog Ranking System
Your dog is considered a RANKED Irondog if it finishes first, second or third in a trial consisting of FIVE or more dogs (5 dogs MUST complete the ENTIRE Triathlon / Pentathlon), The Ranking system is designed to help make breed selections. RANKED ID3 and RANKED ID5 are different titles than the non-ranked ID3 & ID5.

IWPA - Medalist
International Weight Pull Association Championships are held at the end of the pull season and located in USA or Canada. During the pull season IWPA members compete their dogs within their region for points earned based on placings at a pull. Within their region points are added together at the end of the season to determine the placings for regional medals - gold, silver, bronze. These regional medalists, along with 4th and 5th place dogs are invited to attend the International Championships to compete with other regional medalists to win the title "International Champion".

APA - Medalist
American Pulling Association is an organisation that holds weight pull competitions across USA. Other weight pull organisations in the USA include United Kennel Club (UKC) and International Weight Pull Association (IWPA). Although the rules differ from group to group, the general idea is the same in each venue. A dog, wearing a specially-designed harness, pulls a weighted vehicle a distance of 16 feet in 60 secs or less. Dogs earn qualifying scores, champion points, and other awards based on the percentage of their body weight that they pull.

United Weight Pull Champion Excellent - UKC weight pull title

PH - Police Dog 

This means your dog is qualified and certified for active service in the Police Force, Military, Customs etc. The PH 1 is so difficult and the exercises are so demanding that a dog is typically 3 1/2 years or older before entered into PH 1 examination.

SCH I  II  III - Schutzhund

Training tests that originated in Germany, are geared to identify the suitability of dogs to work in stamina & endurance, agility, temperament & nerves, courage, intelligence, handler loyalty, and desire to work.

There are multiple levels of titles in obedience, tracking, and protection.

Pedigree of:
EURO. Jnr. CH. BOC's Rammstein of MADDOCK



ED: Free
HD: B / OFA Fair

OSB's Johnny Blaze OSB's Matrix The Maniac MANSTOPPER's IronMan Tyson of MGK

HD: OFA Good

BTK's A Cut Above The Rest
OSB's Miss Ginuwine BTK's Nero My Hero
BTK's Dazzlin Dutchess
JORDAN's Lexus of McCOY's
Euro. CH. Cathleen Tenesco Neraka GROLL Hamigo
Euro. Grand CH. TENESCO's Arissa White Power

ED: Free
HD: B / OFA Fair

FREESTYLE's Bushwich Red Rum FREESTYLE's Bushwick Bamboo Am. CH. KMK's Mac King Mufussa of MGK


HD: Penn .30 .37

McEvoy's Maggie
FREESTYLE's Sole Von Hopkins AMOS's Funkmaster Flex
AMOS's Twisted Thorn
FREESTYLE's Sassy Strong MGK's Taurus MGK's Brahma the Bull

IWPA Gold Medalist

HD: Penn .44 .44

MGK's Stumpy Red
LINEBACKER's Venus of KMK Am. CH. KMK's Mac King Mufussa of MGK


HD: Penn .30 .37

MANCERA & MAC's Hot Totty
MADDOCK's Sonia MEGABULL's Fifty of Fastlane

HD: Penn .30 .30

BAYSIDE's King Caleb of DAILEY Am. CH. DAILEY's Mustang Pete

HD: Penn .42 .42


HD: Penn .50 .50

DAILEY's Little Red Ruffian

HD: Penn .35 .35

DAILEY's Venus Man-Trap

HD: Penn .46 .46

DAILEY's Tug O War

HD: OFA Fair

DAILEY's Killean Red

HD: Penn .57 .57

FASTLANE's Foxy Ruby od BBB BBB's Apacalyse Red PETE's Grim Reaper
PETE's Red Hot of MGK
BBB's Missy Hooligan MANSTOPPER's Rufus of BARBOSA

HD: OFA Good

BBB's Ms Devious
BACKYARD's Fancy of Fastlane FASTLANE's Herman of KENNEDY KENNEDY's Bam Bam III KENNEDY's Tyson
KENNEDY's Bat Might
FASTLANE's Daisy Dazzle PETE's Grim Reaper KENNEDY's Damian of MGK
PETE's Clementine DAILEY's Tug O War

HD: OFA Fair

DAILEY's Five Alarm Chili

HD: Penn .54 .58

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